Let Us Go for Both Tradition and Beauty; Let Us Go for Ozark Art

When we talk about art it is something original and natural, something gives you calmness of mind and soul. Regional art has gained a special place in the world of art. It is somewhat like a custom that has a natural feel to it. One such famous folk and regional art center comes from the Ozarks. This art uses the skills that Ozark people of the mountains used back in the 19th and 20th century.

The Ozarks is located in the central United States and is a highland. It is known by many names like the Ozark mountain country, Ozark Plateau and many others. Many things are included in this folk art tradition like weaving baskets, knife making, wood carving, clay objects, making beautiful brooms, soap making and many other creative things. It is fascinating to see how traditional things can be both beautiful and attractive.

Wood carving is done in the most exclusive ways. Different designs have different stories and behind every story is the sensibilities of a craftsman. The artisans of the Ozarks are truly blessed with different gifts. Ozark craft has an importance both as a tradition as well as an art. Worldwide exhibitions are held to make people aware of this diverse tradition.


Apart from the traditional art and craft of Ozarks people, its music is also much appreciated. Ozark art also gives an insight to the art of storytelling and music both vocal and instrumental. The music of the people of Ozarks tells us about the traditional music and musical stories of the Ozarks. Southern mountain music of the Ozarks has a magical feel to it. String instruments and various kinds of dances fill the atmosphere with lots of positive vibes, happiness and entertainment.